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About Us

We were initially dismissive of the idea of having a poodle, thinking they were only meant for people who wanted fancy dogs. However, our perspective changed completely when we actually encountered this remarkable breed. We were amazed by their amiable nature, sharp intellect, and even their sense of humor. They won us over completely, and now we cannot envision having any other breed. The poodle's friendly personality, intelligence, athleticism and sense of humor make them the perfect fit for us.

The beginning

Our vision is to raise the best possible family and companion dogs possible who also have the temperament, structure, trainability and soundness to be successful sport dogs and grooming competition dogs. The health and well being of our dogs will always be our primary concern and that is why we health test our dogs through OFA beyond breed club requirements.

Our other goal in our breeding program is to improve the conformation, structure, athleticism and temperament of the multi-color Standard Poodle in Canada. We believe the multi colored poodle is a part of the breeds history and are steadfast in our work to improve the health and quality of multi-colored poodles in Canada.

Our vision

What we
believe in

Our dogs are more to us than just dogs, they are our family members. We take our job of creating new family members very seriously. We owe it to our dogs to raise puppies that have the best possible start in life that we can give them, so they can fit seamlessly into their new families. Every puppy we bring into this world is important to us. That is why we place such an emphasis on health in our dogs. We can't prevent every problem that may occur, but we can do out best to mitigate those that we can reasonably prevent.

Because all of our dogs are important to us, we provide a lifetime of breeder support for our dogs. You will never feel like you are on your own in your journey into poodle ownership! We will be here to provide advice, help with training, give grooming advice, to share photos and as a shoulder to cry on. We take responsibility for every dog we raise and send out into the world, any puppy from us will always have a soft place to land if changes in life circumstance means they need a new home to go to. We take this very seriously, when we say lifetime of breeder support, we really mean it!

We can't wait to talk to you about this truly wonderful breed of dog and for you to join the Continental Meadows family!