Standard Poodle breeder in Prince George, British columbia

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Continental Meadows Standard Poodles

About Us

Welcome to Continental Meadows Standard Poodles of Prince George, British Columbia! Here at Continental Meadows we are dedicated to raising exceptional CKC registered multi-color Standard Poodles in phantom and parti varieties. Our deep rooted love for this remarkable breed encompasses their gregarious, people-oriented temperaments, remarkable athletic ability, unmatched intelligence and their non-shedding characteristics.

We take our responsibility as breeders seriously, ensuring that every poodle we raise embodies the characteristics we look for. Our commitment to the well-being of our dogs is unwavering. We screen for genetic health conditions and OFA testing.

At Continental Meadows our goal is clear: to produce not only physically healthy dogs, but also those with exceptional temperaments. Our mission is to nurture puppies that will excel as both a companion for sport and as beloved family pets, seamlessly blending in various lifestyles with their adaptability and affectionate nature. We do comprehensive temperament testing to help match each family with their ideal puppy.

With a focus on maintaining the integrity of this exceptional breed, we invite you to explore the joy and vitality that our Standard Poodles bring. Whether you are seeking a devoted family companion, a grooming competition dog or a spirited sporting partner, we are here to guide you in finding the perfect addition to your home.

Join us in celebrating the beauty, intelligence, humor and warmth of the Standard Poodle breed. Discover your ideal family companion, sport partner or grooming competition dog at Continental Meadows Standard Poodles.